Learning PowerShell is a journey. My kick-start was an eight-hour training with a trainer who took us through the basics of PowerShell, primarily the object model. From there, we launched into the space of automation using PowerShell.

Today, I build automation solutions in PowerShell, starting from basic Windows automation such as listing out files and changing the time zone, to completely automated disaster recovery using VMware PowerCLI and Nutanix cmdlets.

Sure, you’ve heard that PowerShell is easy to learn. Sure, you’ve heard that PowerShell is efficient. On this site, I intend to show you how easy and efficient automation is with PowerShell.

If you would like to learn the concepts in depth, my book—PowerShell Core for Linux Administrators Cookbook—will help you. The concepts discussed in it are platform-independent, so, grab a copy even if you are a Windows administrator.