| 7 min read

Moving to a new domain

I wanted to move the site from the old domain to a new one. The idea was to make this site a little more personal, and less snobbish. I picked the .io TLD. I liked it. The idea was also...

| 15 min read

Bulk deletion of an email from mailboxes

I have been an Exchange administrator. (And I have fond memories of those days.) Exchange is often an overlooked, underappreciated aspect of Enterprise IT administration. Of course, this is 2020, and we are steadily moving away from emails, replacing it with... [ScriptInside]: >_

| 7 min read

Updating a distribution list with error handling

This morning I woke up to a query whether we could do a bulk addition of users (with email addresses) to a distribution list. The team got a list of users to add and the name of the distribution group... [ScriptInside]: >_

| 12 min read

How to run a PowerShell script

Often, administrators face situations where they run scripts written by someone else. After all, that is what a community is all about. When the admin is new to PowerShell, and when he does not understand how to run a PowerShell...

| 12 min read

How I build my blog (part 2)

In the previous post, I showed how I have set up the build of the site. The process is incomplete without deployment. As already said, the deployment happens to AWS S3, and here is how: Deploy the site to AWS S3 Configure...