| 14 min read

How I build my blog (part 1)

It has been some time since I started using Jekyll, because of my frustration with CMS like Blogger and WordPress. I picked up Jekyll and learned it because I wanted complete control over how I build my site, where I...

| 13 min read

How do you write scripts?

PowerShell is easy to learn. Like I said in the previous post, PowerShell is among the easiest languages to learn. Now, like mentioned in the previous post, you learnt to use the pipeline, and now, you are a one-liner star....

| 8 min read

How do you learn PowerShell?

I get asked every now and then—more so since my book—‘How did you learn PowerShell?’ or, ‘Did you self-learn or did you get trained in it?’ ‘Did you experiment?’ and ‘How long does it take to learn PowerShell enough to...

| 20 min read

Modularity and Scalability

In the last post, Before you automate, I had promised that I will give an example of how modularity is important for scalability. I had mentioned that modularity leads to simplified scalability. I had also said that applying a little... [ScriptInside]: >_

| 10 min read

Before you automate

As significant chunk of my work involves automation using PowerShell. I speak as an Infrastructure specialist, when I say that automation has gained a lot of traction. Automation has several benefits, such as: Reduction in human errors. Higher speed. Higher...